how do i customize my jailbreak

Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by tktouch12, Mar 13, 2009.

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    i have an ipod touch 2nd gen. My question is: is there an app or something to: i want to customize everything, but how i want it, not just how my theme say it should be. I know you can mix themes, but
    -i want my own background,
    -then app icons i choose (from a certain theme),
    -a slider with words that i choose, not that the theme chooses,
    -i want to organize the springboard my way, not how the theme tells me too,
    -i want it to have a custom message that i choose up at the top left where it usually says ipod
    -i want these customations that i choose more customization than mixing themes allows
    .... is there an easy way to do this like a computer program, or an app? please help
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    First of all, WinterBoard can do all of this.
    In the order you asked:
    -WinterBoard comes with a "User Wallpaper" theme. You put that above all the other themes in the list and your wallpaper will show
    -You can mix themes, as you said. Are you familiar with SSH? You will need to move the Icons folder from the desired theme into your theme
    -The slider text can be customized with WinterBoard as well. See "Theming .strings Localization Files" at this site
    -The springboard can still be organized however you want. Themes do not rearrange icons, you can still move them by touching and holding on them until they wiggle
    -See "SpringBoard Text Styles" in the above link
    -I don't understand the last question
    .... Not really, it requires manually moving the files and rearranging themes. It is fairly simple though.

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