How can I sync an iPod touch library (+apps!) with another library, without deleting

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    Note: I also posted this on yahoo answers; just letting you guys know in case someone accuses me of trolling or something.

    I just bought a new MacBook and I wanted to sync my iPod touch's podcasts, music, apps and other stuff to my new macbook's itunes library.

    However, iTunes (in the new computer) keeps asking to sync the stuff from the new library to my ipod and it wants to delete everything!

    How do I sync my Ipod Touch's library to the new Macbook's iTunes library without deleting my old stuff on my ipod?

    -I do have access to the old computer with my old itunes library.

    -I currently have a jailbroken ipod touch 3G running software version 3.1.3
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    someone please help!

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