How can get iphone applications automatically

Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by frenewang, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. frenewang

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    where i can download and install iphone applications automatically without computer,only through the ipod touch's wifi networks.
    i have already jailbreak my ipod to 1.1.2.
    i heard that there is a website which you could choose the applications you want to install.
    although it's another way install the iphone utitlties with computer,that is so many processes and complicated.
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    Dec 8, 2007
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    search this site there are many posts on this subject
  3. thesmidge

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    Nov 22, 2007
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    3G iPod touch
    There are many replies to this, please search. But since you asked, go into installer and tap the tab on the bottom left that says "sources." Next, on the top right on that page there will be an option that says "edit," and when you tap that, an option in the top left will say "add." Once you have clicked on add, a box should appear that says "http://" where you will enter the URL When you do that, your sources should start refreshing and then you navigate back to the install page and scroll down until you see iPhone Apps 1.1.2 or something like that. It will say in the description to only install these on an iPhone, but just ignore that. And there you have it, the quick way to get iPhone apps onto your Touch! Hope I helped

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  4. frenewang

    frenewang Guest

    thanks,it works,just install iphone apps successfully.

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