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Hourglass Timer released on app store after 1 month's review

Discussion in 'iTunes App Store Games & Apps' started by Sothink, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Sothink

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    May 26, 2009
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    My app was submitted to app store on Aug, 13rd. I was told that my app was rejected because of some reason on Sept, 3rd, so I fixed it that day and resubmitted on Sept, 3rd. Another 2 weeks past, my app is finally ready for sale today... It took me 36 days in total.:mad:

    Anyway, Hourglass Timer Description:

    Hourglass Timer is a unique timer different from all the other timers on the App Store. It supports switching between portrait and landscape modes automatically when you hold your iPhone or iPod touch horizontally or vertically and shows you a timer with clear numbers and an animated golden hourglass. While the time is running, the sand in the hourglass is falling, which let you see the passing time vividly.


    Any activity that needs a high-precision timer can use Hourglass Timer, such as speech practice, meeting, cooking, sport, or game, etc.

    - Switch between portrait and landscape modes automatically when you hold your iPhone or iPod touch horizontally or vertically.
    - In portrait mode, the height of hourglass and time areas can be adjusted as you like by dragging the middle bar.
    - The time can be defined in hours/minutes/seconds.
    - The timer can be paused, resumed or reset by pressing the relevant buttons, or shake to pause or resume with a tip sound.
    - You can define an alarm sound for the end of the timer or enable vibration, or enable a flashing popup window.
    - When 30 seconds left, it warns with a Tic-Tac sound and the numbers are changed into blue from white.
    - Supports countdown mode.
    - In case, the application quits while the timer is active, the timer will continue working till the application restarts.
    - The options you set in Settings panel can be saved for later use when you restart the application.
    - Sleep mode is not activated while time is running.

    Vibration features require the iPhone. It doesn't work on the iPod touch.

    iTunes Link

    If you'd like to review, please PM me for the promo code. :D

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