Hotmail on (I am not asking how).

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by synyster, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Hi guys, I Havent seen anyone else post about this so here i go.

    Please can eveyone who beleives that Hotmail should provide POP3/IMAP/Fowarding to Yahoo or Gmail accounts please send them feedback requesting it.

    to do this go to your hotmail inbox and in the bottom right click feedback, then send them your request.

    Here is what i sent them.

    Hopefully if enough people do this then something will be done.

    Thanks for reading

    EDIT: Bump. I realy need people to do this, try and make a change. A sticky wud be helpfull but im not very well known here
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    It's sad... it's something so small, and painless... yet, hardly anyone will actually do it.
    Alot of people would benefit from having their MSN accounts added, and I've seen tooons of threads, and posts all over Google about it... but all they're doing is asking for a handout~!

    All those people that take the time to write a thread begging for a solution don't realize that THEY ARE THE SOLUTION!!!

    Don't you get it? You're wasting your time writing those pointless threads, because you're asking the wrong people!!! Instead of begging forums, why don't you write that exact same thing - but to someone who can actually do something about it: MSN!!!

    Jesuuus Chriiiiiiiiiiist....


    Even if you just copy & paste what this guy said, and just add your name - it's that easy!!!

    And if you think it's pointless, or stupid... you feel 'embarrassed'... well, FUUCK YOU!!!
    becuase that is some of the stupidest shiit I've ever heard.

    Thanks to those sort of people - nothing ever changes!

    You need to take action if you expect change.

    Do nothing: Nothing will happen.

    Don't vote: George Bush will be president.

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    yeah, I like that idea, but make sure y'all sound very professional
    not misspelling words.

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