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    I'm running an iPod Touch s/w 3.0. It connects via WiFi to my router and thus to the internet.

    I have two other computers connected to that same router. Both run Windows - one uses Vista (hostname=MyVista), the other uses XP (hostname=MyXp). I run a web server (Apache) on one of them (MyXp). The other can access that server *by name* because the router acts as a DHCP server and as a (local) DNS server. In other words I can run Firefox on MyVis, enter "http://MyXp" and see my local home page.

    This does *not* work from Safari on my iTouch. Instead I have to enter the IP address of MyXp. In other words I need to enter something like "". Now of course the problem is that this IP address changes from time to time. Which is why hostnames were invented and why DHCP servers map those names to the current IP addresses. What do I have to do to make my iTouch conform to these well established standards?

    Oh. Yes, the iTouch's settings do include the IP address of my router in the DNS section of my network's configuration.

    I used to have a linux box on the same LAN. It too could use the hostname from Firefox to display the home page on MyXp. It was *not* necessary to use the IP address. It's only the iTouch that doesn't seem to want to cooperate. How do I make it cooperate?

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