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    2G iPod touch
    Whats up all i just joined last night. i have a 16 gb second generation ipod touch that is jailbroken on 3.0 firmware. I joined to seek more ipod knowledge and share my views infro and opinions on such. i am seeking some help on a problem i recently encountered while trying to jailbreak my friends touch for him. while atempting to downgrade to 3.0 firmware from 3.1 i encountered error 1601 and have spent several hours trying to get past this. so far ive tryed: restarting computer, re initializing DFU mode(black screen), also the connect to itunes mode( in which i encounter error twenty) and switching usb ports and ipod cables. I am running itunes 8.02 and using a firmware package i pulled off of [PIRACY.rs] which is not corrupted. please offer advice and instructions.

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