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    2G iPod touch
    just got an ipod touch 2g. i am completely new to the ipod touch. didn't really get a chance to use it very much.

    i know this is supposed to be an introduction but i'm not sure i can contribute much to this place except my problem. so i guess i'll get right down to it.

    i bought it jailbroken off of amazon. when i decided i didn't want it like that since itunes wasn't recognizing it nor was my computer as a hard drive,

    i thought the best solution would be to go into the settings menu and restore general settings by erasing all data and settings. now all i keep getting is the apple logo and a spinning circle.

    occasionally it flickers and resets itself only to repeat the cycle again.

    but this is supposed to be an introduction so, erase this message if you want and i'll move it somewhere else. i was looking forward to using the breaking news app since i am a news junkie and studying to be a journalist.

    keeping up with news on a desktop pc doesn't cut it for me. it's one of the main reasons i wanted an ipod touch and so i got one since i have verizon.

    anyway, is this thing completely cashed or what? i am not even sure if i have a warranty, or, if by amazon.com terms i can still get a refund.

    if anyone can fix this or tell me i have a chance of getting my money back please let me know thanks!

    - dumb mf

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