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    Well, the lovely message at the top asked me to introduce myself, so here I am.

    I've owned iPods since the second generation original iPod (I didn't jump on the first one =]), and have been meddling with them since iPod Linux's original release.

    I'll admit right now that I could never even dream of doing what the iphone-dev team or chronic team have done for us, but nevertheless I'm glad they know what they're doing.

    Uhh... Currently using an iPod Touch 2g, re-installing the semi-tethered boot (had an issue with a few programs literally breaking both normal and jailbroken modes). Jailbroke mostly for the ability to theme my iPod, but also so I can develop some homebrew code down the road.

    One last thing... I hate this username. Back in the days of tripod/lycos hosting I used a randomizer to make me a username... It stuck. Therefore it's easy on me to keep the username up then to change it.

    Well that's more then you'd want to know about me in a few paragraphs. Adios, jailbreak finished.
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