Hi from the UK - my thoughts on the iPod Touch

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by floyduk, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Hi there,

    My name is John and I'm in the UK. I got an iPod Touch on release day because I thought it looked like a very cool gadget. Since then I've used it a lot and mostly I love it but there are a couple of really big annoyances with the basic ipod features. If you have a long audio file like a talking book and you want to scroll through to find a particular position it's almost impossible to precisely do that. On a 3 hour track you're lucky to get withing 10 minutes of the point you're trying to hit. Also, audio books and tracks that are supposed to remember where you last left off listening seem to frequently forget that information and force you to start from the beginning again. And then you're into that whole problem of getting back to the place where you last left off. This stuff was easy and precise on the old iPods.

    Even so I love the interface for web browsing and photos.

    With Bluetooth connection to my phone for internet access out of Wifi coverage this would be close to the perfect device.

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    Welcome to the forums John.

    Keep your eyes peeled for new software updates, I'm sure Apple will continue to release small fixes/modifications based on user feedback. So your wishes for more precise tracking control may be granted in the near future.

    Just remember that this device is pretty much brand new. They're still ironing out the kinks

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