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    Hello Folks
    Well a newbie to ipods anyways. Been around for over half a century now and spent a good bit of that time on computers and forums. Bought the son an ipod touch 8gb for Christmas and I'm having some problems with it and I found the forum here on a google search so I am hoping some of the ipod gurus here can help me out. I have had a quick browse to see if I could find anything related to my problems but it looks like I'm gonna have to risk a point or two posting topics which have probably been posted before but I need to get some of the sons music onto this ipod cause he's doing my head in thanks for any help thats forthcoming
    regards to all
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    Plug the iPod into the computer that holds the music you want. Open iTunes, and you should see the your iPod in one of the taps on the left of iTunes. Click on your ipod, and then click "Sync to iPod" or something. Hope this helps, if not, try calling apple.
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    Hey there! Welcome to iPod touch Fans and happy new year.

    To put music on to your son's iPod touch you need to do this:

    1. Plug in the iPod to your computer using the white sync cable.
    2. Open up iTunes.
    3. iTunes will recognize the iPod is plugged in and the iPod will pop up on the left menu.
    4. Click on the iPod under the devices menu.
    5. Check off "manually manage music and videos" at the bottom.
    6. Now drag any music you would like from your actual iTunes library to your iPod touch. What I mean by that is go to your list of songs, and drag one to where it shows your iPod under the devices menu.

    It'll sync to your iPod and you've just put a song on to your iPod touch.

    If you want to put more than one song on to your iPod at once then you simply hold down ctrl and select as many songs as you would like from your library and drag them to your iPod like I said above.

    Or if you want to put your whole iTunes library on to your iPod touch press Ctrl + A and then drag and drop.

    Of course, this is all on a PC.
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    congrats on the new ipod

    hope ur son enjoys it..

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