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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by ChkrikaVidushak:, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Greeting to everybody!

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    It has been two days and a few hours that I have jailbroken my iPod Touch 1G and I have been sleeplessly trying to discover what are the benefits that a jailbroken iPod would offer.
    Why did I break it? -> I have had my device since a year now, and was really bored of the same things it did. Although I was always aware that they could be jailbroken, I did it recently after being really bored of it.
    What were my expectations? -> I wanted to learn how far this device was customizable. And how far can we really push it.
    What did I realize? -> I was really excited upon breaking it out of the White Apple's shackles and was quickly installing sources and packages from Cydia. It was quick enough to realize that the thousands of options and applications through Cydia were definitely cool in their own right but already present on app store. The changes brought by Apple in the latest FW update solve make most of the tasks easy on iPod and make it more functional. (Jailbreaking it months before today would have really worth). All I was looking for was the themes and tweak options like the download plugin for Safari, Flash encoding through Javascript and access to the Filesystem. I was not at all happy discovering that now I could download all the apps for free, as I already have got most of the apps (worth >£50) from Apple app store. Pirated software is as good as plagiarism and theft. I am all against it.
    Did I lose anything? -> Yes, an already slower device becomes even more slower. Since I am on a 1G iPod Touch, I do not benefit from the hundreds of tweaks and add-ins. I deleted the unnecessary packages and sources and kept only a handful of add-ons. The battery drains faster as my device has to stay on if I am downloading or using Cydia. The flash videos also add to short battery life. Security of my data on the device is a little more vulnerable than it was before.
    Conclusion -> I will keep it broken for some time now, as I find the ability to customize the system very useful and nice. The themes are refreshing change after a long time of using same interface. i really love Ancient System V2 (thanks to the developers!). I have therefore registered here on this forum. I think that Apple should be reasonable with the control it monitors on iPod and especially the App store. (I fully support the app store as it is the best way to search through and find suitable app, but the recent case with Google Voice app is just ridiculous!)
    Apples are red, not white.

    Thank you for registering me.
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    Hello, thanks for that nice introduction/testimonial

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    We don't see to many around here. Please read the rules and have a good time here.
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    Some very valid points. We need more new people like you here. Welcome to the forums!

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