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    So i need to introduce myself. So here goes. Names thvoicwethin, but it's usually voice or TVW for short.

    I have an ipod touch 1g 8gb. Very soon upgrading to a 16gb 2g. Then waiting until Apple and Verizon can get said thumbs out or rear ends and produce the CDMA iPhone, I will be one of the first ones to get it around my area, guaranteed.

    I used to be heavily into Windows Mobile and ppcgeeks.com as well as xda developers. My phone/WM device crashed and broke so I'm no longer using it anymore. Needed a good device that does what i want, and the ipod touch fits my categories, just waiting for the phone now.

    Oh, quick question, i know this might be in a tutorial or guide, but whats the REAL difference between the 1g and 2g touch? I know the style is sleeker, it has an integrated actual speaker, microphone/headphone support, and bluetooth. Is their anything else performance/memory/hardware wise? Thanks everyone, hope to be here for a while and help as much as i can.


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