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    Oct 28, 2007
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    Stumbled upon this site from ILounge and my research on how to Jailbreak my 16GB Touch. Love my Touch after a few weeks of figuring out how to connect to my network via my Touch. I have a WAP encrypted network with a very long alpha numeric key that I usually cut/paste from my storage location. I could not connect my Touch and did not know whether it was me incorrectly entering the key or an issue with the Touch.

    I had a spare Linksys wireless router lying around so daisy chained it to my existing routers and assigned a shorter WEP key and voila...was able to connect.

    Now looking to jailbrake my Touch but not so sure yet. Wondering what the ratio is of non-problematic vs problematic attempts...hmmmm...that would be an interesting poll. My Touch is a luxury device. I own a Nano, a series 3 and a 160GB Classic so I'm not in a hurry to take the plunge.

    Just sharing....

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