Heyyaa! I've got an upgrading problem I think...

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    iPod touch
    Hi everyone,

    i have a question:

    today, i tried to update my iPod Touch(version 2.2.1) to the latest version
    (3.1.2) via iTunes Library. I purchased it(I think) and it said :: (A=store;B=me) A: click Learn more to buy the version. B: *clicks learn more* A: Purchase for $$$$ B: *clicks purchase for $$$$ A: Sign in B: *signs in* A: sign in again, and enter billining info B: *signs in, enters billing info, and clicks done* A: leads back to the iTunes library B: *tries syncing iPod

    and i t wouldn't work at all. So i am now stuck wondering if i should wait, call Futureshop or something or anything else that could help.

    please answe

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    it will be greatly appreciated!!


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