Hey, thought I'd finally get around to writing an intro.

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    So, I've been here for a few months, haven't said a WHOLE lot, but I get on at least once a week. I'm completely new to coding all together, but really wanted to give the App Store a shot. There's still a LOT of things that I don't know how to do, but I'm a quick learner, so that helps. I can write some code that works off the top of my head that confuse the hell out of the people I show it to.

    I got my first Mac about the beginning of March, than I had to sell it because I bought it before noticing that the SDK will only run on an Intel processor. Than I bought a Mac Mini on March 14th. I got my first iPod sometime in early February 2009. Before then, I was completely against Apple, now I can't imagine life without my Apple products.

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    Like I said, I've got a Mac Mini, these machines are AWESOME. So quiet and small, it's crazy how far technology has gone in just a short period of time.

    I like to do things outside, like hiking rock climbing and what not, but I don't really ever have the time or means to do so. Most the time I'm inside on my computer.

    I play the guitar, not great, but not completely horrible either.

    I really like this forum and hope to eventually be able to help people.

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