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    Ive used this site several times since purchasing my 16gb 1st Gen ipod touch, which has been a great help. Ive signed up and this is my first attempt at using a forum so I hope Im following protocol. Am a bit lost in here as to where to go or what to do.
    Im really needing some help please. Ive down loaded a free mouse game and a sukoku game on my desk top from the apple app store. I plugged in my ipod touch, highlighted the games and synced. However i cant find anywhere on my palm that the games have come up. Do i need to wait until i am online with my ipod touch before i can play these games? Please can somebody advise what i should do.i thought there would be a games icon that would come up on my menu, but nothing. I cant get access to app store on my ipod touch because i dont have wireless connection at my house.
    I hope this makes sense and someone can help.

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    Sure. You need to select them properly. When you plug in your iPod and you see the screen with the iPod's picture, click on the tab above the iPod's picture that says "Applications." Select the applications you want to sync and hit apply.

    You'd get more help if you posted in the right section!

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