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    hi im new here. and im planning on getting an ipod or macbook. but i cant decide which one.

    i can get the money for the 64gb touch by the end of june, but 3 months later a new model comes out (if im not mistaken). i could get the current model and jailbreak it, or i could wait and get the new one, which might not be able to be jailbroken.

    i could probably get the money for a macbook by the end of the year. the macbook looks to be the best out of the three (hardware wise). i could get it and increase the ram and its already better than the lowest end pro. but the pro is more durable and looks cooler. i just think tht the pro is kinda expensive for what it offers.

    im not really looking for a laptop that will do everything like hardcore gaming, just something i could use for everyday things like schoolwork, internet, music, and moderate gaming.

    so what do u guys think? ipod or macbook? if ipod, should i just go for the current one or wait for the new one? if macbook should i go with normal or pro?


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    and sorry for the long post.

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