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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Liquid HiFi, Oct 15, 2009.

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    I am new to this forum and have a special need I thought I would consult the group with:

    I am PERMANENTLY mounting a 1st gen iTouch in my car and wish to connect it to the audio and video system. The iTouch is going in the dash with one of the $50 griffin component video cables to send the audio and video signals out of it and enable me to hardwire to a concealed USB charger to charge it when the car is on. IT WILL BE MOUNTED ON ITS SIDE so that movies can be viewed in widescreen.

    Problem: When the a/v cable is connected the screen will not show the movie. The wiring is behind the scenes and will NOT be accessible.

    A friend suggested I jailbreak it and that would allow me to run a split screen ap.

    I have never jailbroken any of the iPods and am looking for guidance. What is the best way to jailbreak using a mac computer?

    Will the jailbreak by itself allow the split screen or do I need an app?

    If so what is the app?

    Will jailbreaking cause me to loose all the movies and music and apps on the iTouch?

    Second Problem: (not a huge issue) When the iPod is sitting on it's side all the icons are faced wrong. If there is a way to rotate the icons so that they will be right side up when viewed that would be great.

    THANK YOU for all of your help!!!!
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    You should use blackra1n to jailbreak, it is a one click jailbreak. Down load splitscreen from Cydia. No, jailbreaking will not lose your data.
    As for the icons turning there used to be a tweak called Spinboard, you could try Googling it.

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