Help with Sliders and Carrier Images!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by Zigg47, May 24, 2008.

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    Ok everyone lately ive been trying to learn how to make more stuff for my themes but ive had a hard time finding out how to take an image off a website and convert it to the dimensions you want without distorting it. So when i make carrier icons or icons i want an image thats like some crazy dimensions like 250x200 and make it 60x60 without distorting it at all and making it look like it originally did. For sliders i have some slider templates but i want to know how to take an image off a website, convert it to the right dimensions for a slider, and then copy it onto the slider template. Step by Step Instructions will be greatly appreciated because i just learn things better that way!

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    Plus anybody that truly helps will receive +rep. Thanks everyone

    Oh and by the way i use photoshop CS3 Extended(Thanks to Charizard)

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    lol np with photoshop

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    but i think if you take and image that is close to 47 by 71 or whatever the size for slider is i forgot and you resize it it should be almost perfect.

    but in photoshop under image edit image size and set it too the slider size and see if it turns out good, otherwise you can use a chunk of a picture for your slider. like take a piece from a picture that is close to the dimensions of the slider and then put it in.

    maybe if you type in convert pictures to certain dimensions or something along the lines of that in google you will find a converter of some sort

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