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    Ok I recently had to recover my laptop so I lost my backup for my iPhone 3G. Well I did the whole resync, transfer files thing. Well Half my apps are missing now and I tried the check for purchases and it only downloads the ones that were still on my iPhone. I looked up how to redownload my apps on the apple website for troubleshooting and all but i noticed it saying that if it charges me again to report it, well I dont have the money currently download the apps with a maybe itll charge me again for my apps and i dont want to deal with that. Ok my question is I know when it supposed to say You have already purchased this item do u want to download thing but do i have to click the "Are you sure you want to buy and download the Application "....." "? and click buy before i get the you have purchased this app before screen, or should that screen not even come up and just the you have purchased this item before screen? if not i guess ill have to contact apple about this because i dont want to get charged for an item i already own and money i dont have to get a maybe.
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    tried it with a low priced app that i bought previously and sure enough you sign in click BUY first, then u get the screen that says iVE purchased it before, I hate that y cant it recognize it right when i click it

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