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Discussion in 'Customization Requests' started by windowsexpert08, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Hey guys im new to this site. I just got a iPod Touch for Christmas and i jailbroke it, i downloaded summerboard and customize. I downloaded a theme called leopard 10.5.1 which included a matching customize theme and eight wallpapers. Now the first problem is Whenever i install a theme (actually install it [choose it] as my theme) the dock stays the same, it never changes and i know these themes im installing have different docks. Also i looked in my settings-General-Wallpapers and i didnt see the "8" different wallpapers. So if anyone knows how to fix those 2 things that would be great because i really love this theme but i hate the dock and the wallpapers arent really a big issue im just wondering for future refrences.

    And 1 last thing in the customize application i had downloaded new battery images and main slider and power slider images and used those instead. But now they dont match my new theme so i wanted to change back to the stock 1s but when i went to select them in customize they werent there they only show the current 1s and these 1s from a previous "Transformers" theme.

    Please help me out with those problems.
    That would be really cool.

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    I have no idea why the dock isnt showing up for you.

    in installer go to

    If you havent done so.
    Reboot your ipod completly(hold the hold button for a while.)
    that is how you activate smbprefs

    if that doesnt work

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    iPod touch
    to see the extra wallpapers install mobilefinder in installer and check in SMBPrefs and see if "theme Dock" is turned on

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