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    Yesterday I thought it would be fun to put ubuntu on my external hard drive.
    So, I loaded the disk and was going through the installer. I already had about 50 gigs of data on the drive. I was stupid and didn't partition it. So anyway, I was going through the install (told it to install on the free space of the drive) and it gives me a message that the live cd is scratched and it cant install, and so it quits. In the meantime I upgraded to Windows 7. When I plug the drive in it says "you need to format the disk before you use it" so I click OK and it says the capacity is 50 gigs and to format it will erase the data. Next I go into the disk management and the 50 gigs shows up as RAW format, and then there is two other partitions a 170 and a 10 (drive capacity is 230). It says all 3 are "healthy". What I want to do is erase the other partitions so I have one big one with my data on it (not deleted) and then create a 50 gig partition for ubuntu.

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