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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dalt0n94, Jan 22, 2009.

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    so i was looking at the plans for my newly acquired iphone, and i found a PERFECT one for me. its only $90, which is about $30 dollars cheaper than my current blackberry plan with alltel. My mom has NEVER liked the idea of me having an iphone, but when i finally do get one, she decides to pay for the sim card. soo i go look at the plans, and as stated previously, found an amazing fricken deal. It includes unlimited texting, the iphone 3G data plan, 450 minutes, and 5000 night & weekend minutes (i REALLY dont like talkin on the phone). When i told her that i found this plan, all the sudden she changed her mind and said i could get the plan. she said something about her credit getting messed up by disconnecting my phone from alltel, and since their would only be her phone and my dads, they couldnt have the family plan anymore. WTF?? can anyone PLEASE help me with trying to convince my mom that this is a wayyyy better deal?

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