Help With Backing Up iTunes Please

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by the goat, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Well I made a thread a while ago about a big problem with iTunes that encountered and I've found out a bit from a different site. But now I really need your help. What is happening is whenever I want to open iTunes I get some error that says:'This action is only valid for products that are currently installed.' When it clearly is installed, I just updated it. So I download the .exe file from Apple and run it to 'install' it and it says that it doesn't have the right resources to continue the installation. It needs a file called 'itunes.msi' So I go to Start>Search and then I search for it, no luck. If I didn't have any apps in my iTunes I would just remove it and then install it again. But with the apps, I'm scared that if I remove iTunes they will be perm deleted and ill have to buy them again because apparently apps and purchases are determined by computer, not account so I will have to pay for them again which would suck. So can someone tell me either hoe to get hold of 'itunes.msi' or how to backup my apps so they don't get lost after hopefully I fix iTunes. Thanks in advance and this time please reply!!

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