Help with accessing unique College WIFI problem

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    Help with accessing unique College WIFI problem EDIT- Solved

    Alright here it goes: And just to note, I have done a ton of research my problem connecting to WIFI in my dorm, and it seems I have a unique situation. (I apologize for no screen shots I cannot figure out the whole veency + vnc thing)

    I'll try to make it short. I have a 2G Jailbroken ipod touch (3.1.2). When I connect to my College's Network with my ipod and luanch safari it comes to this page "Residence Hall Network Access Policy"

    From there I can do 3 things.
    (1) Register as a resident hall user, select wired laptop, wireless laptop, or desktop and then have to download a "Client Security Agent" (also known as "bradford dissolvable agent")
    (2) register as a guest (bust it says error when i click on that one)
    (3) Register Game Devices - You enter MAC Address and select game device (The only allowed devices are; xbox, xbox 360, ps3, ps2, psp, gamecube, wii NOT Ipod Touch)

    So, when I click the first option (1) and choose wireless laptop and try to download the Client Security Agent it says "Your operating System is unsupported by this application"
    The (3) option tells me "this device is not a supported game device

    None of the options work and my college academic computing dept is dumb and will not add WIFI access to the iPod touch.

    Please please help! Thanks so much

    *Also, can I ssh the "Bradford dissolvable agent" into my ipod?? It's an exe file, i think theres a fat chance it work would but i dont know for sure..

    *****EDITTT: Sorry to be a bother but I just figured I would post on here my solution to my own problem lol

    I did use the AD-HOC afterall, I had my laptop plugged into the wall and connected wirelessly, so I just created a network and then looked it up on my ipod touch and all is well.

    Sorry for taking up forum space!

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