Help With 3.0 Firmware (JB)

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 3.0' started by Kickbut101, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Last night in a rush of excitement over the 3.0 fw and jb i decided to "Update" my ipod with the firmware, big mistake as I learned. So eventually I decided to just restore the ipod back to factory settings with 3.0 installed, immediately after that I jailbroke it with Redsn0w. But since then nothing seems to be working right, cydia is well frankly quite a mess, and even apps that are working on the "Working/non-working apps" list aren't working. Cydia crashes whenever I try accessing certain apps, the queue isn't working quite right. Winterboard only half works, I don't know if this has been said already but the icons don't change for winterboard just the lockscreen. Also In SBSettings I can't access the "More" menu with all the options for it. Any help or should I just try restoring it again? Sorry if stuff has been answered elsewhere I did look around a bit.

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