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Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by jaymzleon, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Im sure this has been posted somewhere, but right now i cant seem to find it, so maybe someone can help me.

    im looking for a way to have the wallpaper change with the time of the day...NOT the weather.

    the weather requires a wifi connection, and im not always near wifi, so i just want it to change with my clock widget.

    example: between 7am-11am its a morning wallpaper, 11am-5pm its an afternoon wallpaper, etc.

    i dont ask for help on this forum very often because more times than not its right in front of your face, but i have searched countless threads about weather changing wallpapers, i just want a time changing one... any help?
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    while continuing my search, i think i came across an alternative method for achieving my goal. looking at the html for AppleBackgrounds.theme found in cydia, it rotates the images every 20secs by default.

    i guess you could change the timeout number to change every 5 hours or 18,000 seconds. right?

    in theory it should work. (i will try it out anyhow)
    but the random part will be in the way... how can i replace that, so it will change in sequence?

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