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    1. It will not run like a normal Android system (ie. stable) More development is needed for it to be an actual day to day system (Power managing needs to be better in my opinion).

    2. No, Flash is not working on it (as of now, it may later though).

    3. No, it is not able to be done on an iPod Touch 3G as of now. No bootrom exploit is found yet to do this.

    4. The 2G iPod touch is currently getting openiBoot ported to it. So right now, all you have to do is be patient.


    DFU mode is when you hold both the Home button and power button for 10 seconds, release the power button and just hold the home button until the PC recognizes it.

    Recovery Mode is when you hold the home button as you insert the USB cable into the iPod/iPhone until your PC recognizes it.

    6. Gapps are illegal to redistribute, don't whine about it. Legalities suck on the internet (infact its something I'm extremely critical on all the time, ask me about it if you really wanna know

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    ) they always will and everyone knows this. However, until somehow it miraculously changes; they will not be distributed.

    7. You MUST get the Zephyr/Zephyr2 drivers yourself. They are illegal to redistribute. Just like Gapps

    8. To add more apps to your existing Android installation, follow this guide here to emulate an SD Card on your system. (read the "Method for Official Release 0.2". Then just upload the .apk files for the app into the folder you made a symbolic link to.

    9. Back up your Android files in the iPod. This way, if you screw up, you can just delete the corrupted files and rename/unzip the backed up files with iFile or whatever file management program there is for the iPhone OS.

    10. Android is BUGGY. This is an Operating System running on Unsupported Hardware. Expect to find occasional glitches here and there. Until everything is worked out, this is to be expected with every release.

    11. Don't expect 3D too much. Android is known also for its 3D prowess, however as stated above: these versions of Android are buggy and lag alone just by being at the UI. 3D does work however (tried it myself), but operates very very slowly.

    12. Power Management is shaky. Android will drain your battery more than the default iPhone OS. The reasoning behind this is that the drivers that manage power outputs still need to be refined.

    13. Some apps may work, some others may not. What do you expect of a newly ported system? It won't always run how it should. So some apps may work fine while some other may fail for the time being, but may work again in future releases/developments.

    14. Android Market for 2.0 is very unstable. I have no reason why this is, but it may crash all the time for you. so you may have to find another way to get apps on the device. (See point number 8).

    15. ./loadibec isn't working, why is this?

    -You may be in DFU mode, not Recovery Mode.
    -You did not try running it with sudo. (ie. sudo ./loadibec)
    -Set the permissions for loadibec to allow it to be executed as a program.
    -Your version of openiboot.img3 may be corrupted, try another build of it.

    16. A cat is fine too... no matter what

    Just a bit of tips and lowdown on what should be expected of Android before you install it. Also lets people get a grasp of how stable the OS is thus far as of writing.

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