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    I decided i was gonna update to 1.1.3 and started to uninstall everything so when i got to 1.1.3 i could install one by one so i knew what was and wasn't working. so i went threw the list off apps in installer and deleted all games and apps(i left stuff like installer and System Apps) then i press the back button and it takes me to the lock screen all normal till i go to unlock and i just get the loading icon(the one when you turn it off) so at this point i'm not to worried because i have read that you can easlly just restore when something goes wrong. So i walk in to my room plug my ipod in and hold shift and press restore. i find the 1.1.1 update file on my computer and it starts the process i walk out of my room to come back to an error saying that it couldn't be restored for an unknown reason. so i'm stuck with an ipod telling me to plug it in to iTunes.
    What went wrong, i also am unsure how far it got and if it managed to wipe it so their are no traces of it being jail broken as i got it from the apple site so i will have to send it back to them

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    Found a fix on the apple site

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    For anyone interested here you go

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