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    okay so this weekend i dual booted vista and xp. I already had vista installed and this is a vista native computer... recently new. So i saw that installing xp and getting it to work well and finding all the drivers a rather difficult task which i completed

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    even though youre supposed to install the older OS first, i still figured out how to overwrite XP's bootloader with vista's even after XP was installed second. But enough about my accomplishments, i have one little problem...

    Alright so as most *shudder* vista users know, windows mail is the main supported mail client. i had been using that and had an old hotmail account setup on it before when hotmail was allowed to be forwarded to mail clients for free. i tried to export my account and the file was a .iaf file and i brought it to XP but when i tried to import the iaf file into outlook express (which it recognizes) but i get a message that says the file could not be imported. I really need to import it from windows mail somehow because i dont know the password that my ISP gave me and it isnt the same as the hotmail account so how could i import my windows mail account to outlook express and make it work?
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