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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by nvr1313, Sep 8, 2009.

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    Well after several days searching forums and asking in irc channels I am thinking this ipod has bit the dust. Here are the details.

    Previous owner attempted to jailbreak and it no longer boots you get the bootup screen and the wheel after a bit then it reboots after several minutes and does this forever until it runs out of power if you disconnect it.

    Putting it into restore mode gives me the cartoon of bill but in windows it says it is an unknown device.

    In DFU mode I get the black screen and unknown device in windows also.

    I have plugged another ipod and iphone into this computer (PC) so it has the proper device drivers.

    On another computer at a friends who has the other ipod it does the same thing

    This is a 1st generation ipod touch.

    I have contacted 2 ipod repair shops and been told the jailbreak process has done something to the logic board and would require the entire logic board being replace. At this cost the device will simply become a paperweight because it can be replaced for about the same price.

    Anyone have any idea I would greatly appreciate it.

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