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Discussion in 'Computing, Science, and Technology' started by JakeJumpsHigh, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Hello Please somone tell me how to make it so Someone can come to my site enter there "USERNAME" into a box press summit then it refreshes and it put there user name at the top of a list on the page.. Then when Somone els comes and does it, iut puts there username at the #1 spot and puts the other one down to #2 spot.. and I wanna make it so they can only sumit there "USERNAME" once per hour.

    I want it to be like this site... like how you can put your username (Friend Code) in and it puts it in a list.

    I just want it simple it could be in a simple 1-100 line.. down the page in plain text.

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    you would need a simple HTML and javascript run page. In terms of the way websites work your idea is pretty basic and should be easy to do, i would do it if i wasnt between classes right now. That is as far as the list itself goes. You would need to have access to permissions(CHMOD...) options for the web site files. So your host will have to support that.

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