help: moved songs to a new folder, itunes cant find

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by 987456321, Aug 6, 2010.

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    i recently moved over 100 songs to a different folder (all the songs were synced up nicely with itunes) and now the songs i moved have liitle !'s beside them (saying that they have been moved) how can i automatically put all the songs back into itunes, without going one by one.
    i moved them all because i wanted them all in one folder, not in three...scattered around my hard drive
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    One way to do it, is open the new folder, highlight all songs and then put them all back into Music in iTunes. This will create new files with all the artwork, etc, but this will be instantaneous because you already set it up. It will create duplicates, basically.

    Then go to FILE/DISPLAY DUPLICATES, which will show up all your ! files and the new ones you put in, so you can just go thru and easily control click on all the ! files, then delete them, leaving your nice newly linked ones.

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