*HELP* Mafia Wars Lagging Freezing and Glitching!!!

Discussion in 'Social Game Friend Codes' started by CheeseBurgerMan, Apr 24, 2009.

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    Hey there.

    Just a couple of days ago Mafia Wars started to lag a lot.
    I didn't install any other apps or anything.
    Now it occasionally freezes when I fight my friend and exits to springboard randomly.
    Please help me fix this!

    If it helps im level 115 with 300 hp, energy and 30 stamina.
    Is that making the game crash? Because when I upgrade it says "max" next to heaps of my numbers but I can still keep going and on the toolbar which displays our status they all overlap.


    Also, none of my other apps do this.
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    Thats really weird, I went to play and now xp need instead of 300 it was stuck on (I could just keep doing the same job to level without waiting) its gone up to 500... Is this the max or is it stuck again or what?

    I really dont know whats happening with this game.

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