Help! Lyrics not being displayed and cannot be changed!!

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by SilentWalker, Oct 16, 2009.

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    A few months ago I used Songbird (an iTunes replacement) to batch fetch lyrics for my entire library. It uses lyrics wiki, and lyrics wiki had recently stopped apps from being able to fetch lyrics from them due to licensing issues.

    So when I fetched the lyrics, the lyrics that appeared was something similar to what I just said above (It was the same message for each song, not the lyrics of the song). I had synced my iPod before checking the lyrics, so that all the songs on my iPod had the message as it's lyrics.

    Then, about a week after, I manually changed the lyrics for each of my 1000+ songs using iTunes (get info). But after I synced, the songs' lyrics still appear as the message. Any help?

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