HELP: Lost ALL songs and videos! but still present in flash memory..

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by onyxd, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Sep 15, 2007
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    2G iPod touch

    i was using ImTOO ipod transfer when it crashed.. i freaked out when i opened the music and video apps on my ipod then it tells me that i have no songs or videos on my ipod and suggests to buy some in itunes...

    i checked the memory in Settings and it says 0 songs 0 videos 64 photos.. 14.8G capacity and 1.8G memory left meaning i still have my songs and videos in there but the apps cant access it.. even itunes cant access it and tells me to restore...

    good thing i used MNPlight and it saved a copy of iTunesDB (turned it to itunesDB.old) then created a new updated one...

    i renamed the ItunesDB.old to iTunesDB and deleted the iTunesDB that imTOO created when it crashed (i think).. Now i have SOME of my songs back but the NEWER ones that i put in BEFORE the time MNPlight created the backup is not recognized...


    How can i delete the newer files that my ipod cant read but is still in the flash memory hogging all the space????

    Or do any of you know how to "UPDATE" the iTunesDB file so that it includes ALL the songs and videos in the ipod????
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    Two words: RESTORE IT. Sorry if not a lot of people couldn't help you with that. Not everyone uses ImTOO and MNPlight.

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