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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by meowy, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Let me explain first what happened, so you understand what's going on :/
    1. I was syncing a random iPod on my pc. Suddenly, MOST of my songs got deleted.
    2. Since I had my songs on my iPod Touch, I (SOMEHOW) got the songs back on my "iTunes Music" folder.
    3. I managed to get them on iTunes, tho, since the rating, counts and all the DATA I want to keep changed, I deleted them from my iTunes Library (NOT the location on my pc).

    NOW the problem is, my iTunes library for some reason is looking for the "missing" songs on a different folder (looked it up in the XML file) even though they are on the iTunes Music folder with "Organize folder" option checked. I tried changing the location of the songs to the one iTunes "thinks it is" but no luck.
    I really want to keep the DATA that would be lot if I re-add them to my library AND location each song MANUALLY will make me suicide.
    Isn't there a way so iTunes looks up for the songs on a Folder or something, all my songs are on different folders because of this organize folders thing .__.

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