Help! Ipod touch restore without jailbreak!

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    Ok heres the deal. I bought a new ipod touch 3G and hooked it up to itunes. I backed up my old ipod before I restored it. I clicked the "restore from back up" button and it put my notes, contacts, etc. I synced the apps to the new ipod, but after doing so, they did not have any of the previous data on them.
    Looking on apples website, it states that a backup includes all previous app save data, however it did not.

    Is there a way to do this, am I doing it wrong? How do I get it to work?
    OR if this doesnt work, am wondering if there is a way to restore the ipod touch without using a jailbreak or itunes (because it does not sync back apps and data). I have heard about going into the documents and settings file copying and pasting the ipod touch's files on to desktop which restores there or something.
    The reason to do so is that I want all my stuff back my new ipod (or very close to it) just like it was on the old one.

    I am wondering if this is true and if so , how? Or is there a SAFE,FREE, and LEGAL program I can use to do said backup?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    P.S. My old ipod touch is a 2g 16gb and my new one is a 3g 64gb if that helps at all.
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