help idk what to do when i upgraded

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    i bought my ipod touch 1.1.3 yesturday and i think i jail broke it .it had installer sorry i don't know to much and igot confused..i had some stuff in it and i wanted to put bga games but did not i took everything of and upgraded to a 1.1.4 and now i did jailbreak it with zphone and i got installer again what would be the most recomemded apps i should have please i forgot the list i had before and if anyone could help me with making my ipod touch my own with alot of kool stuf i'll be greatful.i want gba games and make it all custom..i see alot of nice iplods touches and i want mine like that if anyone has some time and could help me out threw a pm or reply or talk on aim or msn or w.e i need couple friends wit touches so

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