help,i fixed customize 2.2.1 but deleted

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by InternetKING, Apr 2, 2009.

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    help,i fixed customize 2.2.1 but deleted a important part of customize using winscp i deleted the image of customize at the bottom of /private/var/mobile/Library it say customize something if you use winscp can u help me by giving the name of it,thank you
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    i fixed but also tried to play around with the programs on it, you dont have to delete the thing i deleted to fix it but you have use winSCP to fix customize 2.2.1 and while your doing that can you tell me what it says at the bottom of /private/var/mobile/Library
    you will see customize and it will have like .jpg or something, i really need that file or page to get back on customize and use it again,please and thanks for your help.
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    and if you can open it and post the stuff in it on here so i may use customize again
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    never mind I fixed it now I have a working customize

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