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    I have trying to jailbreak since last night and this morning I did it with cydia installed. I have themes and apps from cydia now. However about 6 times i got error 21 when restoring to custom firmware. I followed veryniceipod's mac guide. follow that guide but below are common mistakes.

    Things I changed to get the jailbreak

    • Name the custom firmware 221pwn and save it into the rslite folder
    • Name 2.1.1 firmware 211 and the 2.2.1 to 221 and place into rslite
    • Put the pwn tool into rslite
    • Untick bootlogos in Pwn tool and tick cydia package
    • When the custom firmare is in the ipod the ipod will shut down and it will not boot when u try to. You have to put it into DFU (hold home and lock button for ten, then release lock button and keep holding home for a further 7 seconds until itunes says it is in recovery mode (the screen will still be blank)

    Any questions, feel free to ask

    Remember that the link in my post is to the guide you NEED to follow on a mac and my post is common mistakes that you need to avoid

    Hope this helps

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