HELP!!! External Harddrive probems.

Discussion in 'General Apple Chat' started by soccerstud92, Jan 1, 2009.

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    I have a 500gb WD external harddrive and i had it partitioned into 2 parts... One for extra space and the other for time machine. I decided i would rather use the whole thing for just storage. I went in, turned off time machine and tried to just open Disk Utility and just delete it, it wouldn't work so i looked that up and heard something about time machine messing things up. So i moved all my stuff and then deleted the other partition. But then i noticed i still had low space. So i looked at it and the space from the old partition disapeared. I have the same amount on the partition i didn't delete but the other 250gb is gone??? it doesn't show up. When i look at the hard drive now and click the partition tab, it shows my current partition as the only partition and it still is the same size??? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER PART????MY OTHER 250GB????? I don't want to wipe out my hard drive cuz then i will lose 230gb of stuff and i dont have anything to transfer it to so i can restore, any suggestions? I know i was probablty repedative, but wasn't sure how to describe it.

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