[help] a few apps/games don't start anymore

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    [fixed] DizzyBeeFree made a few apps not start anymore

    hi there,

    please point me to an already existing thread, my search didn't bring up any perfect result. if the solution's simple, i'd appreciate a quick help - thanks in advance!

    the situation: i have an ol' iPod touch 8gbyte, installed firmware 2.0 straight out of iTunes, pwnaged it, everything worked perfectly and like a charme. 'till today: i found 'DizzyBeeFree' in the Appstore and installed it, played one level and then hit the button on my iPod because i needed to have a look at something different on my home-screen. then i updated a few apps out of cydia (like Winterboard) and now a few apps don't work anymore:

    * apps like BrainChallenge, Monkey Ball, Cube Runner and Crash Kart won't start properly: usually the first screen appears and a second later i'm back on my homescreen to choose the appz from. Also 'DizzyBeeFree' doesn't work anymore. Same - for example - for Remote.

    * The Appstore still works, as well as Safari, also Cydia seems to work. youTube as well, playin' music also still works. So not all 'appz' seem to be crashed. Also 'macman' still works!

    * I meanwhile removed BossPrefs, Poof, Winterboard and Customize because i was afraid that one of these modding-mod-appz might have crashed something. Didn't help.

    Any idea what might have caused the problem and how to fix it ?

    Thanks in advance!
    mr. apfelsahne
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    I didn't want to give up and guessed it has something to do with DizzyBee: i deleted that app, downloaded and installed it once again, started DizzyBeeFree, worked and now all appz/games work properly again. So, guys, i now do guess that something's wrong with DizzyBeeFree and i'll now change the subjectline pointing to DizzyBeeFree: now i'm 100%ly sure that this thing temporarily 'crashed' my iPod and made a few appz crashing whilest starting. Maybe take care when installing DizzyBeeFree, playin' it for a few seconds and then hitting the 'homescreen'-Button and if you got the same issues ;-) - Delete it, re-install it and everything should be fine again. As cute as this game looks, maybe something's wrong with it..?

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