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    2G iPod touch
    My name is the great.. my name is jakandsig. i myself am an Ipod type fan myself. Now, i may never actually buy an Iphone, but I like Apple nonetheless. i also sell neo-Geo games for PCs which can be used on an Ipod. Of course, i don't want to spam so i put it on my Sig. if you can see the sig i guess i'll post the links here one time: http://www.neo-geo.webs.com/ and http://www.bubdee.com/moreinfo/last_resort./ and http://www.bubdee.com/moreinfo/shock_troopers/

    Now to start off, I am not familiar with the difrences between the IPhone 3gs and the others. Does anybody have any info on that? If you do, i am actually thinking about buying an Iphone if the diffrences are actually noteable. But in short, I'm new.

    I myself own an 2g ipod Touch, An Ipod nano, and a video ipod. I hate Sansa. there sansa uze is the most complicated Ipod video rip-off ever. however, the funny thing is that it has a bigger screen and higher quality. but putting videos on a Sansa is a pain in the ass. So i hope noody mentions them after i do.
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    Seriously, i need some info here.

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