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    I'm JavaBoy

    I'm got my first iPod touch for 2007 christmas, when i got it. I put 300 songs on it and thought it was the best device ever. And then i stumbled across a little website named 'JailBreakMe' i was fascinated. The thought of modifying my device to add tons more applications to it. BRING IT ON. Once jailbreaking my iPod, i got the wheel of death. Which brought me here. I joined this website a while ago, but i'm just starting to become more active. Just so people know, i have a youtube channel.

    Channel link: YouTube - NewCrewReviews's Channel

    I try to make tutorials, and review new software, hardware, or even music.

    Our most recent video (Todays Date: April 8th 2009)
    Is how to view your iPhone's screen on your computer

    I made a thread on it HERE

    I'm glad to be apart of such a diverse community.

    JavaBoy / NewCrewReviews

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