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    4G iPod touch
    hey everyone, my name is Ben im from the USA (Wisconsin) i got my ipod touch on friday (the 28th) at 9 AM. i pretty much havent let it out of my sight since then and i cant wait for it to get hacked so we can release its full potential. i dont know about the rest of you but once its hacked, im never updating it again no matter how many new features Apple tries to lure me in with. because i know that no matter how many features apple adds, there will always be more, and better features that 3rd parties will make. ive been a big PSP hacking fanatic since it was released back on 05, and now i hope to be the same way with the ipod touch. you can probably find my name on a few psp sites. ("reign of terror" on forums / "Chaos" on IRC) i'll try to help out as much as i can here and i hope i can help everyone if they have problems or questions. if you dont have an ipod yet, i hope you all get yours soon

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    im glad to be here and glad to be a part of the process

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