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    Greetings to all, from an iPod Touch rookie. I just bought mine four days ago, and have been busy loading my 200+ albums onto my computer through iTunes 7.0. So far I have had a small problem with the ear phone pods working. as the jack seems a bit touchy.

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    The other surprising issue is the lack of a manual, though I have found and have printed the 85 page on-line manual from the Apple website.

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    Other than that, I look forward to being able to play my music without lugging all those CDs around in my car. I did purchase a TuneStik wireless FM transmitter + RF remote for iPod, which is supposed to be able to play music through my car speakers by connecting to an available FM station. I have yet to try that, but I am encouraged by the idea.

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    There is so much to learn, and I hope that this forum will be the place for me.

    Thanks for reading,
    HHI_Fan (That's Hilton Head Island_Fan, by the way.)
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