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    4G iPod touch
    but call me Ariphas.

    I have an iPod touch 2G, 8GB model, and I was one of the many who thought it was a 3G, as advertised by apple (grr...) It's running on 3.1.3. I'm sort of afraid of upgrading to 4.0 because I've heard it's slow and not worth it and I'm wondering what it'll do to my iPod which was jailbroken with Spirit... but I'll find out more about that on the appropriate forums

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    I'm here primarily to get awesome themes. I'm currently using a mixture of eZuneHD and Zune HD Ultimate, though I'm thinking of switching to a more normal theme because it's taking up quite a bit of virtual memory (I average 30-50MB with no apps running).

    I'm learning Photoshop in school next year if I recall my schedule correctly, and even then only if I get the classes I want. If I ever get good at Photoshop I'll start making my own few basic themes and icons. I'll learn everything else later.

    Thanks for listening to my mumbling! I'm going to start updating my profile now.

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