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    I just got my 3rd Gen iPod Touch 32GB today. It was reduced in price and came with a free docking station with a speaker, or something rather. Unsurprisingly we just managed to buy the last one it stock. We got it at 10:54AM, the same day the deal started. People must have stormed the shop to buy one as a Christmas present!

    Anyway I love the iPod Touch. I've always wanted one. I like them mainly for their ability to be pocket computers. I intend to use one for internet, and light work at my school such as document editing or using the messenger to keep in contact with my teachers (teachers often email pupils and stuff using a school account for notices or updates on classes) and friends.
    I also think some of the apps available will be useful for me, especially since my school is literally right in the center of the city, such as maps, finding shops, ect. Oh, and lets not forget about games.

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    Its a great device, and it means I won't have to bring my MacBook in all the time.

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